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["datenstrukturen: LOTTE HENDRICH-HASSMANN 1932 - "]

		"datenstrukturen: LOTTE HENDRICH-HASSMANN 1932 -"
	is a project by the artist Lotte Hendrich-Hassmann, intermedial photography, 
	and Ingrid Moschik, contextual virtual reality, realized for the Internet by 
	comartgraz, club/gallery/edition for computer based art. 

		Lotte Hendrich-Hassmann experimentizes with materials 
	found within her environment, minimalizes these to 24*36 mm 
	and put them into slide frames. Minimal art? Ready Mades? 
	Spurensicherung? Photography(as slide show)?

		Ingrid Moschik has developed "datenstrukturen/data structures" named 
	matrix of the 20th century - 1901 to 2000 - and integrates this logical system 
	to autobiographical defined and wanted input of her existence, for example
	the photographic heritage of human beings, or in cooperation with other artists
	the digitized photographic experiments of Hendrich-Hassmann. 

		This confrontation of two different ways of artistic realisation and 
	presentation is a glimpse of the possibilities of binary art in future.

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