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In winter 1993 I began to visualize the relation of human beings as time beings
developing the 20th century matrix.

I select fotos, chronological and typical for a person, digitize these real data
to get a pixel graphics and overlay the scans by the virtual objects of a vector

The 20th century matrix consists of an organized body of a hundred of numbers
of four digits in the tradition of occidental orthography - beginning at the top left
and ending at the bottom right.

Then I lay out a quadratic window in which I relate the squared foto data
with the squared matrix data and transform both into a computer graphics
for further processings:
an automatic computer show or computer prints or on line within the Internet.

It's my concept of data-structured windows to show men coming in time,
make some traces/fotos and going:
to get a more conscious relationship of what is time and transitoriness.

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