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	When reality has get into the computer, has get dititized, 
has get a code of ones and zeros, has get a part of cyberspace, 
has get virtually it has gegun the chance or risk of endless manipulation
of this computerized part of reality by computer based human beings
- by me and other computer-artists all over the world.

	The one and only limit is the own phantasy and the structure of
the own personality, an autobiographical complexity of drives, education,
desires, national and cultural identity, and many other psychological 
components of soul and mind and consciousness.

	To use the computing machine as the gadget of brain and seeing
the rapid progress of technical developments of data processing I think the 
traditonal definition of art and artist, of works and rights is changing in a 
speedy way never before in history.

	Everyday learning and get more power of computer based 
realisation of ideas from pixel transformation to object graphics, from 
scans to 3D-modelling, from multimedia to hybermedia to cybermedia, 
from personal computing to Internet, from working in front of the screen 
to working within the virtual reality - on the one hand - the limitation of 
a life's day - on the other hand - computer-art is for me the most 
interesting kategory of art of today.  

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