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["foto GRAPHIEN 1990 - "]

	"Strukturelle Untersuchungen", 1990, on the one end of Elfriede Baumgartner's 

	fotographic oeuvre. A serie of 9 quadratic foto-coated tables.

	Abstract, but with an inborn logical system. An investigation 

	of progressive addition of light to foto-sensitive material:  

	physics by the media of art.

	"ohne Titel", Paris, Notre Dame, Saint Germain l' Auxerrois, 1994, on the other.

	Color and black&white series of fotos of mediaevial architecture, 

	gothic figures at cathedrales, gargoyles by day and night.

	These visualisations of archetypic entities become the figures 

	of a photograhic story written by Baumgartner-brained camera:

	Psychology by the media of art.


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